How to Remove Window Film

Window films offer excellent sunblock and enhance the aesthetics of most buildings. However, they do have a lifespan or can get scratched and affected by some conditions. Such occurrences may render window tints either old or damaged enough to the state of needing complete replacements.

There are plenty of reasons to remove window film, but the following are the common ones:

• Discoloration – When your window’s tint undergoes discoloration, it can no longer block UV rays, making replacement a valid enough consideration. You need to have the right protection against harmful UV rays and you need to ensure that your window film is in great shape for this.

• Bubbling – This ruins the entire look of the film and makes your window look pretty horrible. When the film’s adhesive fails, bubbling occurs, and replacing it is the only solution. You also want your window to have a great look and it looks awful when the window film is bubbling.

• Décor – Old or discolored films ruin the entire aesthetics of the house. Hence, removing them remains the only option to enhance your décor. Nobody wants their home or office to look like it has been rundown, especially after eventual wear and tear. This is what necessitates the removal of an old window film.

But how do you remove window film? By following the instructions, you’ll be able to achieve this without leaving any spot on your window successfully.

How to Remove Window Film

  1. Dissolve the Film

    Although this may take you several hours to accomplish, dissolving the tint film adhesive ensures you first loosen it. You can do this using a spray bottle filled with either vinegar or sudsy ammonia.

In some instances, you’d even be required to leave the adhesive to soak for the entire night. If you use ammonia, be sure to keep the fumes from spreading further from the area of work.

  1. Detach the Adhesive

    If perhaps your car may get adversely affected by using ammonia, you can loosen the film using a hairdryer. It will get easily dissolved with higher temperatures, which simplifies the removal process.

But if you sprayed soapy ammonia or vinegar, wait for a bit of sunrise during the day before moving on to this next step.

  1. Remove the Window Film

    This is the most crucial part of removing window film and requires you to have a razor or scrapper. Depending on how much film adhesive you’ve been able to dissolve, it will either come off in full or pieces.

Place the razor at an angle against the window tint and start peeling it off. While doing this, you’ll still need to continue spraying or blow-drying the adhesive to ease the removal process. It might get stubborn, but you have to work it accordingly.

Remember, the more moisture present; the more effective removing the window film will be.

  1. Clean Your Window

    Once you are through scrapping off the film, it’s evident that not everything went off willingly. So, for finishing, ensure that you thoroughly clean your window and remove any left small pieces of the film.

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